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About The Pediatric Hygienist



After working in the pediatric dental setting as a dental hygienist for nearly five years, I noticed something was missing- legitimate resources for parents on how to properly care for their children's teeth.  


Sure, there are medical journals, blog posts, and Facebook groups,  but parents want something quick, easy to understand and packed full of great content from a source they can trust. 

As a mom of two children, I understand the health concerns that parents are faced with--dental health is no different. Every year, more research is published linking oral health to overall health. Parents want to do the very best to care for their children's teeth but they need the right tools to do it! 

 My goal is to help parents meet the oral health needs of their children by offering my knowledge that I've gained in my 10+ years as a licensed dental professional. 

Healthy Teeth = Happy Teeth

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Sarah, The Pediatric Hygienist

The Pediatric Hygienist in the Media

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