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While chewing gum can never replace a good toothbrushing and flossing routine, it may help in reducing your child’s risk of getting cavities. 

The most important factor to keep in mind is the type of gum your child is chewing. If your child is chewing sugar-containing gum, this can increase their risk of cavities.  Think:  balls of gum with bright, colorful sugar coating or the pink chunks of gum that come in a giant tub! 

But there is good news! There is actually a chewing gum that can help keep your child's teeth healthy. Have you ever heard of xylitol? Although the spelling looks like it would be hard to pronounce, it’s actually pretty easy to say: zahy-li-tol. 

What is xylitol? It is a sugar alcohol that is commonly used as a sugar substitute. It’s a naturally occurring substance found...

It’s no secret that dental appointments can be stressful. Things can become especially nerve-wracking when it comes to your children’s dental appointments. As a dental hygienist working in a pediatric office for the last five and a half years, I have been fortunate enough to serve many pediatric patients. Based on my personal experience, I have put together some tips for parents to help keep their child’s dental appointments fun and relaxing for the whole family.

Here are some tips for parents to keep in mind at your child’s next dental appointment:

Mirror the Language: Dental professionals are experienced in speaking in child-friendly terms that help the child understand the procedure but are careful to not inflict fear. When a child directly asks if something is going to hurt, we know exactly how...

As a parent, you may have asked the question “Do baby teeth really matter?”  When your child has a cavity that needs to be filled, you may be tempted to not complete the treatment because, after all, they are just baby teeth and will fall out anyway.  Putting off dental treatment until your child is in pain will likely be more expensive in the long run and also more traumatic for your child. When baby teeth go untreated, a child can experience pain, infection and emotional issues. 

It’s important to understand why baby teeth should be treated when they have a cavity or any other dental treatment that needs to be completed. 

Here are some reasons why baby teeth really do matter and why they should be preserved: 

Development of Healthy Permanent Teeth
When a baby tooth falls out, there is a p...

Check out this video review of ZolliPops! 

Today, my daughter and I spent some time testing out the ZolliPop suckers.

They are: 

  • Sugar-free

  • Gluten- Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO

  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors

Have you ever wondered how much sugar your kids are drinking? Do you know the limit of added sugar your kids should have according to the American Heart Association? Watch the video to see! It will blow your mind!

Many people are aware that sugar causes tooth decay. When people think of sugar, they typically relate it to soda, candy, and cookies. What you might not be aware of is the sugar content in children’s liquid medications. What if something your child is taking on a daily basis to make them feel better was actually harming their teeth? 

Many children are on daily medications whether they are prescription medications or over-the-counter medications. Allergies, infections and a variety of other conditions make it necessary to take a daily medication to keep symptoms under control or to improve health. What might surprise you is the amount of sugar that can be found in those liquid medications. The way they are able to make them more palatable is to add sugar, a familiar taste for many children. While i...

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Hi! I'm Sarah!  I've been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 11 years!


Currently, I work as a dental hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist at a pediatric dental office.


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